How Prince Michael Jackson Is Charting His Own Path, 7 Years After Dad's Death

Gregg DeGuire/WireImage
Prince Jackson arrives at HBO's "True Blood" final season premiere at TCL Chinese Theatre on June 17, 2014 in Hollywood, Calif.

Prince Michael Jackson may be the King of Pop's son, but he's not aspiring to reach Michael Jackson's level of fame. That's not to say, though, that MJ didn't have an influence on his oldest child.

Seven years after his father died at age 50, Prince is pursuing a career in the entertainment industry, just more behind the scenes. At just 19 years old, Prince has already launched his own production company, one with a name that very clearly indicates the legacy Michael left with him: King's Son Productions.

In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, Prince explained that his father would proudly show him the iconic music videos he'd create (take "Thriller," for example) while Prince was growing up, and they would spend afternoons dissecting films together. But it was ultimately watching his dad in action -- specifically while Michael was gearing up for his "This Is It" residency in London, for which he was rehearsing when he passed away -- that inspired Prince to do what he's doing today.

“That’s when I knew it was what I wanted to do,” he recalled. “I loved the thrill of it. I was able to talk to so many people on set -- those doing the lighting or the assistant cameramen. I learned so much.”

Prince gave the newspaper a tour of Michael's Encino, California, compound Hayvenhurst, opening up about how "sacred" of a place it is for him. It's not just a historic family landmark, but it's also where Prince and 16 of his loved ones mourned Michael's tragic loss in 2009 and subsequent years.​ He still deals with grief over his father's death from time to time, picking up jujitsu as a coping mechanism. Even when he's not upset, Prince does what he can to honor his dad in his everyday life.

“The way I cope with [his death] is incorporating him into my life in every way -- from my company logo having little bits of him [to] using his metaphors and trying to follow everything he taught us,” he shared. “My brother and my sister, we’ve all coped differently. I’ve gotten better the older I get.”

From Michael's rather odd ways of hiding his children in public to the scandals that broke after his death, Prince offered that it's not far off to say that his whole life has been "unconventional" -- but he wouldn't have it any other way ("it's all I've ever known"). And as the years go on, making his own path without his father around, Prince insists his appreciation for Michael will never fade. “I can never be separated from my father -- he set that big of an example. And I don’t really have a problem with that. I’m proud to have his name and to be his son.”

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