Sarah Silverman, Fred Armisen, 'Weird Al' Yankovic & More Bring Laughs to Festival Supreme in L.A.

Comic book legend Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con may have taken over the L.A. Convention Center over the weekend, but just a just a few blocks away part of the same crowd gloriously made their way to the Shrine Auditorium for Festival Supreme, a space-themed comedy and music festival curated by Tenacious D’s Jack Black and Kyle Gass.

Everyone’s favorite Trekkies and Pikachu piled on the makeup to take in tunes by Mac DeMarco, among others, and jokes by some of the biggest names in comedy. While the experience boasted a main dance room, appropriately called Space Disco, the attention was much less about what a DJ was spinning, but rather what the legendary performers were doing.

Maya Rudolph and Fred Armisen gave attendees the nostalgic dosage of former-SNL presence, while Sarah Silverman knew how to get a crowd going with a strong introduction about something quite relatable -- body hair.

“I finally did it,” she said. “I got laser hair removal ... I waited a very long time.”

Silverman then took a mild jab at LaserAway -- a notable chain where people can get less expensive procedures -- but not without insulting the entire experience as a whole.

“I did from below my belly button and down to my back,” the comedian said. “It hurt so much ... What you just went through was trauma.”

And in typical Silverman form, she continued to keep things authentic. When someone in the crowd shouted “Love you!” she quickly took back her “love you, too” response, explaining that she doesn’t even know the admirer. The comment garnered plenty of laughs, almost as many as her friendly quip about being known for previously dating late night TV host Jimmy Kimmel.

Silverman was quite the hit with the crowd, but no one had a fan base quite like “Weird Al” Yankovic. If you failed to step outside, you may have thought for a second that there was a Kurt Cobain hologram-esque experience (a la Tupac at Coachella circa 2012), because without actually walking up to the stage, the funnyman sounded every bit like the legendary rocker.

That said, when you finally made it to his area, you were with everyone else in being entertained by Yancovic’s iconic parodies of Michael Jackson’s “Bad” and “Beat It,” and Chamillionaire and Krayzie Bone’s “Ridin Dirty.” How he did so many costume changes in such a quick time is anyone’s guess, but the one thing that wasn’t questionable was the crowd’s absolute love for “Blurred Lines” (as you know, we mean, “Word Crimes”).

While this wasn’t the event to spot the best-dressed goblins and ghouls, this was definitely the best for all the techies, because like all the performers -- including The Vandals, Eric Andre, Jenny Slate and Will Forte -- these looks were out of this world.

And as Andre put it on Twitter, “I will have sex with AND give my PIN number to anyone who comes to @FestivalSupreme today at 5 to see me spray ranch everywhere. Guaranteed.”

While the comedians and musicians on the main outdoor stage and inside the Shrine Auditorium garnered big crowds, there were some hidden gems for fans who ventured into the Space Disco throughout the night, starting with a DJ set from festival curators Tenacious D (appropriately titled Tenacious DJ) and continuing with a two-hour dance supershow from L.A.-based creative collective IHEARTCOMIX. Where else do you see bunnies in sunglasses dancing to a remix of Smash Mouth's "All Star"?