Watch Leslie Odom Jr. of 'Hamilton' Sing President Obama's Thoughts on Donald Trump for 'This American Life'

Leslie Odom Jr.
Christopher Boudewyns

Leslie Odom Jr.


Last week's episode of This American Life featured a song written by Sara Bareilles and sung by Hamilton star Leslie Odom Jr. imagining what President Barak Obama might be thinking about Donald Trump and the current election. Now, there's a video to accompany it. 

The four minute visual shows Odom Jr. in the studio with a band, delivering and impassioned performance as the lyrics roll out at the bottom of the screen. 

In the song, Odom Jr. sings, Bareilles' poetic verse, "One man rewriting the book on bad behavior/ Maybe cheats the neighbors/ Feels they get what they pay for/ We can't pat him on the back and send him on through/ No man's ignorance will ever be his virtue/ Is this the best we can be? Seriously?"

Watch the video below and listen to the full episode called "Seriously" here.