New Music Friday: Drake, Miranda Lambert & More Are Spotify Editors' Picks

New Music Friday

Every week, Spotify updates their "New Music Friday" playlist, featuring 50 of the freshest new tracks hitting the service that week.

On the heels of Billboard's partnership with the streaming giant, we'll be tapping Spotify's editors to sift through the soon-to-be-hits and highlight the best of the bunch.

Check out the picks and listen to the entire "New Music Friday" playlist below.

Drake - "Fake Love"

Earlier this week, Drake kicked off his 30th lap around the sun the best way he knows how: with new music. Of the several new tracks he teased from Drizzy's forthcoming More Life project, due out this December, "Fake Love" takes the best, tried-and-true components of the 6 God's masterful approach to making music and brings them up to par with where he is at now in his decorated career, as both a lover, a fighter, an artist and an entrepreneur. On top of now being the most streamed artist on Spotify, Drake time and time again creates songs that one can't help but listen to on repeat, with "Fake Love" being no exception. With an infectious hook that cryptically addresses his fleeting relationships and friendships, Drake examines those who only show him surface-level love as a consequence of his incredible success, stating point blank that things haven't been the same. With his high-profile, speculative relationship with Rihanna now rumored to not have made it past Summer Sixteen, we're all left with the "could've, would've, should've's" that Drake is indisputably an expert at exploring in his music. With "Fake Love," Drake might leave us with more questions than share answers, but once again, that's an integral part of his charm.

Miranda Lambert - "Keeper of the Flame"

While 2016 possibly hasn't been the smoothest year Miranda Lambert has sailed, the veteran singer's latest single is both a toast to overcoming unforeseen challenges with grace and a testament that it's going to take much more than a public divorce to dim her shine. With lyrics such as "I'm bent but I'm not broken / I'm stronger than I feel," Lambert's confident and polished vocals on "Keeper of the Flame" inevitably foreshadow the inspiring and impactful comeback she's about to make with the release of her highly anticipated double album, The Weight of These Wings. With taking home the title of this year's Academy of Country Music Female Vocalist of the Year marking her seventh consecutive win, Lambert shows 'em how it's done, with her new single also an honorable nod to the next generation of up-and-coming artists she's looking to encourage by way of humbly leading by example. With her forthcoming 24-track project breaking a two-year hiatus since the release of her fifth studio album now just weeks away from being set free, Lambert's "Keeper of the Flame" is an ode to both where she's been and where she's going next.

Avenged Sevenfold - "Angels"
Avenged Sevenfold tactfully and consciously skipped the formalities of a month-long promotional campaign and got right down to business, today (Oct. 28) releasing their new album, The Stage, after a three-year gap in between studio recordings. With their debut album turning fifteen years old this year, the five-piece's latest offering showcases the Huntington Beach natives' seemingly effortless ability to reinvent themselves, all without straying unreasonably far from their distinctive roots and happily navigating somewhere between heavy metal and hard rock. Not many bands in 2016 can expertly pull off an almost six-minute rock opera without overwhelming its listeners the way that a maturing Avenged can. As showcased with "Angels," the group of veteran rockers has a knack for casting a spell over fans, leaving us giddy for every epic guitar solo and grasping at every word M. Shadows croons. In addition to being an incredible song in and of itself, "Angels" joins ten other songs helping contribute to a larger theme about artificial intelligence, with Avenged Sevenfold subtly, and exceptionally, reviving the lost art of the concept album. 

Tove Lo - "Keep It Simple"

Tove Lo has been captivating audiences all year, with each new mesmerizing release adding to the Swedish singer's curiously increasing allure. With her sophomore album, Ladywood, finally available today, Tove Lo is on the brink of a serious global takeover, with the combination of her explosive vocal talents and unapologetically honest songwriting giving her momentum not be confused as temporary, all while she simply oozes cool. On "Keep It Simple," the 28-year-old slows down a steamy scene, showcasing her vulnerable side in a way that some of her other more sexually forward tracks don't always reveal. While her rebellious, candid nature isn't at the forefront of this track, her voice's strong sense of self isn't absent either, with the song allowing herself to admit she "ain't ready" and finding as much empowerment in toning things down as she does in everything else she does. Tove Lo's complexities as a multi-dimensional artist are shining through bright on her new record, with "Keep It Simple" a great place to excitedly dive in headfirst.

Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Diplo - "Hey Baby" featuring Deb's Daughter

After premiering their latest collaborative track, "Hey Baby," at Tomorrowland, one of the world's most notable electronic music festivals, the reception from the thousands in attendance willed this track into existence as the next official offering from DVLM. Teaming up with their reputed peer, Diplo, Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike once again deliver a monumental track that, despite previously not having any official audio available online following its initial tease of a debut, has kept eager fans curious for months. Now that the song has arrived, its staying power is arguably unquestionable, with the interestingly soothing vocals of Deb's Daughter perfectly complimenting the top tier production further exemplifying DVLM have an unparalleled knack for crafting powerful, feel-good anthems. "Beyond becoming the #1 DJs in the world, they are music fans first," Diplo says, speaking on their years of friendship and mutual support. "We're just trying to make great music and push our scene forward, and we wanted to do something together to represent 2017." Judging from the success the track has already seen thus far, it is safe to say DVLM and Diplo achieved what they were hoping to.