America's Latest Obession Ken Bone Used To Be In A Christian-Pop Cover Band

Ken Bone (center) during the second presidential debate on Oct. 9, 2016 at Washington University in St. Louis.   

When Ken Bone prepared himself to attend Sunday's town-hall-style presidential debate, it likely hadn't crossed his mind that shortly after his debut, he'd be the Internet's newest obsession. Since the debate, the media has dug into Ken Bone's background to uncover the American sensation's backstory, and one revelation in particular stands out from the rest: Bone's a former rocker. 

"My biggest claim to fame will ultimately be that I was once in a band with #KenBone. And that is more than enough fame", Joshua Burkett, Bone's former bandmate -- tweeted the night of the debate. Bone played drums in the band alongside Burkett, who told Mashable that the band played "Christian pop covers from the '90s and '00s. DC Talk and Newsboys kind of stuff"

Before Ken Bone charmed the country with his famed red IZOD sweater -- which sold out almost immediately following his debut -- the debate attendee used to be quite the ladies' man. "We spent two summers cruising around our hometown picking up chicks - me failing and him succeeding," Burkett went on to say in a Facebook post. "And that will be all the fame I'll ever need."