Seven & The Sun Returns To 'Innocence'

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To harness the exposure from a national TV appearance, Atlantic is issuing Seven & the Sun's debut six weeks early. "Back to the Innocence" was release yesterday (June 18) in response to a May 15 appearance on NBC soap "Passions," on which the band performed the single "Walk With Me."

"'Passions' was looking for the one special song that would capture the attitude and spirit of the stories they'll be telling this summer," senior VP, NBC Daytime Programs, Sheraton Kalouria said in a statement at the time. "'Walk With Me' is that song and when viewers hear it, they'll immediately understand why we're so sure it's destined for the top of the charts."

Congenial frontman Seven admits to having had misgivings about appearing on a soap until he learned that the band was the main focus of the scene; in fact, the action stopped for the duration of the song, creating a showcase for the band.

"Innocence" comes during the sixth year together for the act, which also includes guitarists Walter Brandt and Eddie Zak. They found inspiration after building a studio together. "A month and a half later," Seven says, "the record was written."

The act, along with Bill Brandt, who handled programming for the set, also works as a production team called We3Kings. Yet in the studio, Seven says it was surprisingly easy to turn over the reins to Neal Avron. "It was difficult for a guy to come in and work with guys who are also producers," he says. "But it wasn't hard to let go, because he was the right guy. He set the environment to nurture this record."

The group will spend the summer playing radio festivals, preceding their own fall tour. A performance appearance on NBC's "Last Call With Carson Daly" comes Thursday (June 20).

Seven says he thrives on performing. "Whenever we get to play, it doesn't matter how tired I am, it feeds me."

Excerpted from the June 22, 2002, issue of Billboard. The full original text of the article is available in the members section.

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