Watch Kristin Chenoweth Talk 'Bullying' in the Presidential Election & Why Adele Is 'The Real Deal'

Kristin Chenoweth
Jessica Xie

Kristin Chenoweth photographed on Sept. 27, 2016.

The Broadway superstar just put out her album "The Art of Elegance."

Kristin Chenoweth participated in a Facebook Live interview with Billboard on Tuesday (Sept. 27) to discuss her new album, her respect for Adele and her thoughts on the contentious presidential election.

Chenoweth spoke about her sixth studio album, The Art of Elegance, which dropped last week. The singer said the album is made up of the American Songbook standards that have been in her life for many years. Although every song on the album has a personal connection to her, Chenoweth said that covering Charlie Chaplin’s “Smile” meant the most to her. She teamed up with Grammy Award-winning composer Alan Broadbent for the song. “The melody and the lyrics really moved me and we were able to get it down.”

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Chenoweth also talked about her respect for Adele and how she believes that she is one of the singers who is “here to stay.” “The reason people love her is she’s the real deal,” Chenoweth said. “She sings live; she writes a lot of her own stuff. Somehow in her voice we feel that she’s heartbroken, sad, happy. We feel her moods.”

The interview transitioned to this year’s presidential election and how she was nervous to watch Monday night’s presidential debate between Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump. “I think because I feel like, now the presidency is almost being made fun of… it’s becoming entertainment.”

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She expressed her dislike of the “bullying” that is going on between candidates, how she wants the real issues like health care and gun control to be brought up in future debates and that she is voting for Clinton because she believes she is the most qualified for the job.

Watch the full Q&A below:

--Reporting by Joe Lynch