Tegan & Sara's New 'Stop Desire' Video Is Bursting With Innuendo: Watch

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Tegan & Sara 'Stop Desire' 

Ever get turned on by your to-do list? In their new video, Tegan and Sara show how even going about the day's chores can't "Stop Desire." 

Each task in the candy-colored video is full of sexual innuendo, from the post office to the laundromat, to the farmers' market -- and eating a banana in slow motion, of course.

Releasing the video on their Facebook page Thursday, the duo writes: "We wanted to marry the high-energy and colorful vibe of Stop Desire’s production with the longing sexual undertones of the song’s lyrics for this video. Director Allister Ann created a colorful world for us where we go throughout our day straight-faced while encountering characters finding sensuality in every day things."

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The Quin sisters previously announced they will release videos for all 10 songs on the album; "Stop Desire" is the eighth so far.