Watch 'A S--- Ton of Famous People' Talk About the Importance of Voting

"Save The Day" Video Still
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"Save The Day" Video Still

As Election Day (Nov. 8) nears, promotional content for each candidate (both good and bad) is in abundance. More importantly though, is the promotion of voting. Today (Sept. 21), short-form digital production company Save the Day -- a play on words to not only save the day but also remember the date of Nov. 8 -- shared its latest video about registering to vote.

The video sees "a s---t ton of famous people" belaboring the point that every vote truly does count. Recognized figures such as Mark Ruffalo -- who will allegedly do a nude scene in his next movie "if you vote" -- Scarlett Johansson, Robert Downey Jr., Julianne Moore and many, many more all appear in the video. 

They proceed to discuss hot topics of racism, immigration, nuclear weapons and more, taking a left-leaning stance -- "We can end this nightmare before it begins," Moore says, as Jesse Williams adds "We can save the day." 

Though humor is sprinkled throughout, the main point hits home. Watch the full video below.