Amy Schumer and Blake Lively Call Out Sexist Magazine Covers Geared Towards Youths

Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic
Amy Schumer at Pacific Design Center on Nov. 15, 2015 in West Hollywood, Calif.

Yesterday (Sept. 20), Amy Schumer took to Instagram to share her thoughts on sexist magazine covers. She posted a photo of the covers to two magazines -- Girls' Life and Boys' Life -- side by side, to fully highlight the gaping disparities. 

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While the girl's magazine features headlines such as "Wake up pretty!" or "My first kiss," with a photo of a mature-looking girl as its center focus, the boy's magazine situates the text "Explore your future" as its main image. Photos surrounding the text depict various professional paths a young boy -- or anyone -- can take, from scientist to veterinarian. 

As the two magazine covers quite obviously speak for themselves, Schumer kept her Instagram caption to one word: "No."

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An hour after Schumer's post went live, Blake Lively took a screenshot and posted it to her own account. Her caption was (slightly) lengthier, and read, "Wow. @amyschumer I second that emotion. Ladies, let's not let this happen anymore..."

Check out Schumer's original post below.



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