Singer-Songwriter Coco Morier Acts as Muse for Jerome Rousseau Signature Shoes: Exclusive

Coco Morier
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Coco Morier

Fashion and music have long been synonymous with each other, so it's no surprise that Cordwainers College-trained shoe designer Jerome Rousseau found his muse in singer-songwriter Nicole "Coco" Morier.

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Coco inspired two pumps in the designer’s line, including the "Coco" and the now staple “Morier,” a three-and-a-half inch rose-thorn heel with a heart design at the toe. “It’s easy to make a shoe covered in pom-poms, but a simple sandal that has an element that is distinctive, recognizable and gorgeous is much more difficult,” he says.

Jerome C. Rousseau


Jerome C. Rousseau

Jerome C. Rousseau


While music fans of chart-topping musicians Britney Spears, Ellie Goulding and Demi Lovato are familiar with Morier's work, they may not know she's responsible for writing some of their biggest hits. Meanwhile, Morier released the Coco Morier EP in 2011 and the Strangers May Kiss EP the following year. 

In effort to break into the forefront of music, Morier started her solo project using the moniker Coco Morier in 2013. This summer she released her first full-length solo album, Dreamer.

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Naturally, Coco wore Rousseau's designs in her latest music video, “Dreamer”. Rousseau, who was front-row during Coco’s Los Angeles intimate lounge tour, saw his muse wearing her red suede Morier pumps. “I feel like a teenage fan watching his favorite pop star again,” says Rousseau. “She was performing in my shoe and for me, Coco Morier’s record is up there with some of my favorite records of all-time, so I hopped up on the stage and snapped a pic after her set was over.”

Coco’s affection for Jerome is mutual. “It’s hard to make it in the music industry, but I think the fashion world is one of the hardest creative areas,” says Morier. “To have a friend who is such a lovely person and see him grow and get his line out there has been incredible.” The designer counts Charlize Theron, Jessica Alba and Olivia Wilde as fans and his designs, which cost upwards of $595, are sold at high end retailers like Bloomingdales.