Lettuce's New 'Crush' Video is an Intergalactic Space Odyssey: Exclusive Premiere

Shervin Lainez


Lettuce's new "Crush" video is no simple boy-meets-girl story. It is an intergalactic boy-meets-girl story, complete with starship partying, space travel and otherworldly warfare. 

The modern funk outfit, which is going on more than 20 years running now, teamed with director Jay Brown and visual effects artist Paul Mihailoff for this new clip, mashing up pieces of songs from last year's Crush album to create an epic saga. 

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Oh yeah, and a man with a lettuce head is our interstellar hero through it all. Could things get more weird/awesome? 

"The shoot was spectacular, working with cartoons has been a dream of ours since we were young," bassist Erick "Jesus" Coomes tells Billboard. "We weren't sure cartoons were real until the shoot, but we got to see where the Lettuce Head man lives, goes to lunch, plays basketball and of course we experienced his infamous, crazy nightlife scene."

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Coomes continues, joking, "We now make visits in the springtime to the Town of Toons, where Letty's house is and we have many friends and associates that stay out there whom we adore. The Lettuce Head is a substantial member of the family of ragers that enjoy fine music performed by the band Lettuce. In other words, the Lettuce Head represents anyone who enjoys our concerts.  His purpose is to spread the vibration of positivity and build up his fellow Lettuce Head friends. The character is something we have been envisioning together for years and not until now has he shown himself in all his glorious fullness. He is on a galactic mission of peace and has to dispel many forces that want to do just the opposite. His journey is our journey as we travel far and wide making the funky smiles return to the faces of all the beautiful people as they Lett go of their worries and strife and return to the mind state of free and open thinking beings."

The Lettuce songs featured in the clip are "The Force," "Trillogy," "The New Reel," "Silverdome," "Elephant Walk" and "The Sun," the latter two being pre-order bonus tracks not formally included on Crush

Watch Lettuce's new "Crush" video here, debuted exclusively with Billboard: