'Stranger Things' Score Live Debut Set for Krakow's Unsound Festival

Curtis Baker/Netflix
Stranger Things

Stranger Things obsessives listen up: there's more strange out there. Now that you've finished re-re-watching all eight episodes looking for more clues and deeper meaning, it's time to book a flight to Poland because in October that's where the iconic score to the Netflix sensation will get its live world premiere, as first reported by Fact magazine. Krakow's Unsound Festival has announced that the men behind the show's vintage synth-heavy soundtrack, S U R V I V E's Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein, will perform the music live for the first time at the underground, experimental music festival, which runs from Oct. 16-23.

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"The meticulously made music references synth lynchpins such as John Carpenter and Tangerine Dream, and has received so much acclaim it is being released over two LPs," read the festival's announcement. "The live performance of the Stranger Things soundtrack also connects with the dark side of sound and film present at Unsound since the 2010 Horror edition, making resonant historical sense."

The festival announced the news in the coolest way possible on Twitter, by posting a GIF of the instant-classic alphabet wall of Christmas lights alongside a notice about individual tickets going on sale for the fest.



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Among the other acts playing the festival -- which focuses on underground, electronic, avant garde and multimedia acts, site-specific pieces and has explored themes including "horror" and "futureshock" -- are Richie Hawtin, Alessandro Cortini, Health, Liturgy, Philip Sherburne, Tim Hecker, Rob Mazurek, Phuture and Emptyset.