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The New Pioneers: Celine Dion on Sia -- 'I'm Mesmerized By Her Confidence'

Nathan Arizona


Sia is simply incredible, like no one I've ever met. I first became familiar with her when she sent me her demo for [my 2013 single, which she co-wrote] "Loved Me Back to Life." My son RC -- he's much cooler than I am and teaches me what music I should listen to -- couldn't believe that Sia wrote a song for me. He's a huge fan, too. I not only fell in love with the song and the words, but also with Sia's absolutely beautiful voice: It's so powerful -- like nothing I had ever heard. I listened to the demo 20 times in a row that day because her words spoke to me and I just couldn't get enough of her voice.

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One of the first times I performed "Loved Me Back to Life" live, we were at The Ellen DeGeneres Show. I invited Sia, and that day backstage was the first time we met. She is so genuine, so warm, so funny -- I was the one who asked to take a photo with her.

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Soon after, RC played "Chandelier" for me, and I remember thinking, "She's done it again!" It was the perfect song for the perfect woman. She's an artist with a clear vision -- for her songs, her videos, her performances. This industry can break you; it's tough. But Sia has managed to carve out her own path, on her own terms and in her own time. I'm mesmerized by her confidence, and I constantly look forward to what she'll do next. She's the true definition of an artist, one I so deeply admire. I'm one of her biggest fans, and it has been such a joy and honor to get to know her.

This article originally appeared in the Aug. 20 issue of Billboard.