Neon Hitch Turns to Patti Stanger for Love on 'Million Dollar Matchmaker': Exclusive Preview

Courtesy of WE TV

Neon Hitch on Million Dollar Matchmaker.

Patti Stanger, the endlessly watchable matchmaker for the rich and/or famous, recently moved her televised matchmaking empire to WE tv. On tonight's (Aug. 5) episode of Million Dollar Matchmaker, Stanger takes on British singer-songwriter Neon Hitch and serves her some B.S.-free advice on finding a real relationship. Check it out in the exclusive clip below.

"I wanna be held, and cuddle," Hitch tells Stanger. "Well, you can't be held if you lead with f—king," Patti "Take No Prisoners" Stanger replies. The episode, which airs on WE tv tonight at 10 p.m. ET, finds Stanger challenging Hitch to write a song about what love means to her in order to figure out what exactly she's looking for in life. Even just talking about it, Hitch tears up a bit.

"You know the great thing about Patti -- she brings out this something in you that you have kept so deep, and she just pulls it out and you're like, what the fuck is happening?" Hitch says of her experience on Million Dollar Matchmaker. 

Neon Hitch recently dropped her debut full-length, Anarchy, on her own label, #WeRNeon.