Amber Gets Sexy, Reinvents Herself

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Amber feels the need to be naked. For proof, look no further than the cover of her new full-length collection, "Naked," due today (Aug. 20) via Tommy Boy.

If additional proof is needed, consider some of the album's provocative song titles: "Dirty Thoughts," "Sex & the City," the James Joyce-referencing "Yes!," and "The Need To Be Naked." The latter two tracks have topped Billboard's Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart, leading to ample radio play on stations like WFLZ Tampa, Fla., and WKTU New York.

"Do such titles draw attention? Absolutely!" the singer declares with a chuckle. "I like to mess with peoples' minds in this way. But if you dig a little deeper and really listen to the lyrics, I'm dealing with sexuality on a more spiritual level."

The buoyant "Naked" finds Amber reinventing herself and pushing beyond the confines of the dancefloor. "For too long, I was being pushed into a dance corner only," she offers. "I'm much more than that. This album shows me in my space. It's an expression of my musical diversity."

Look for the artist on the road throughout the summer and fall. "Touring is something I have never not done," Amber notes. "For me, the challenge is to always become more professional onstage, and this is best accomplished by performing live onstage. The other challenge is to become more successful as an artist."

"With this new album, I'm looking to now cross over in a bigger way," she continues. "And it will happen." After a slight pause, she adds, "But if the album isn't a commercial success, at least I did it my way. I can be content with myself, which makes me happy."

Excerpted from the Aug. 24, 2002, issue of Billboard. The full original text of the article is available in the members section.

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