Blindside Eyes Stateside Success

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With "Silence," released yesterday (Aug. 20) via Elektra, hopes are that Blindside will become the latest Swedish export to strike U.S. pop gold.

Since 1994, the band members, who all grew up together, have been performing under the name Blindside. Since then, they've toured Europe extensively. They're hoping that a similar attack on the stateside market will help them grow.

"It's a huge change," guitarist Simon says. "We came over in the summertime, and now we are moving over to the States permanently and working as a band. It's a little tough, but we know it's what we want to do."

Much of Blindside's success to this point can be credited to its friendship with the members of P.O.D. The act met Blindside at a music festival in 1998; after Blindside's performance, the members of P.O.D. approached the band and told them how much they enjoyed their music. Friendship between the bands ensued. They've even joined each other on tours.

"Now that they have become big in the rest of the world, it's amazing to see how they are doing," Simon says. "They have taken us under their wing and opened doors for us. It's cool to see how they have stayed the same way they were before their success. They are definitely role models."

Having already released a few independent albums, the band is hoping that "Silence" will be the one to break through the massive clutter of new rock bands. Using the creativity that bands such as Tool and Pulse Ultra have mastered, Blindside has an edge on the competition with its syncopated drumming, powerful lyrics and vocal presence, and strong guitar work.

The entire band focuses on writing the music together, whereas singer Christian writes the lyrics. "Either we play it over the phone or come up with an idea and jam," Simon says. "We wouldn't put a song together if everyone didn't like it. Everyone has to agree on it."

The band's songwriting skills are prominent on such cuts as the ear-pleasing "Cute Boring Love" and the pulsating "Midnight." The harsh and heavy first single, "Pitiful," is already in rotation on mainstream rock radio stations and MTV2.

The band will tour the U.S. in September with Hoobastank and then join P.O.D. for dates through the end of the year.

Excerpted from the Aug. 24, 2002, issue of Billboard. The full original text of the article is available in the members section.

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