Supreme Beings Of Leisure Offer 'Divine' Sounds

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Los-Angeles based songwriting duo Supreme Beings of Leisure -- vocalist/lyricist Geri Soriano-Lightwood and keyboardist/programmer Ramin Sakurai -- tackle the dreaded sophomore slump with the incredibly inspiring "Divine Operating System," due Sept. 10 from Palm.

Following 2000's eponymous debut, the pair, spent two years crafting this more mature collection. "We had really high aspirations making this album," Soriano-Lightwood reveals. "We wanted to make an album that stressed song craftsmanship; we wanted to open up more doors, both artistically and stylistically. We felt an urgency to push ourselves, to prove that we weren't a one-trick pony.

"Thankfully, this album accurately portrays where we are right now," she adds. "Initially, we thought about calling the album 'dos,' [which means] 'two' in Spanish, since this really was our labor of love -- our baby. But then we decided that we really liked 'Divine Operating System' because it is a play on words filled with double meanings, much like our music."

The self-produced 'Divine Operating System' finds Soriano-Lightwood and Sakurai collaborating with string composer Bill Meyers, turntablist DJ Swamp, and technical wizard Jimi Randolph.

The result is more sensorial and enduring than its predecessor. While the new set retains the act's trademark sentimental and alluring musical journeys, it is abetted by stronger songwriting, rippling electronic-laced grooves, cosmopolitan pop melodies, and sweeping John Barry-inspired philharmonics. Throughout, Sakurai's astute programming and Soriano-Lightwood's supple and enveloping vocals remain front and center. Highlights include the Chic-inspired "Ghetto," the sultry "Calamity Jane," the Esquivel-by-way-of-Danny Elfman space-age pop confection "Catch Me," and the sly, languid grandeur of the Morcheeba-inflected "So Much More."

Supreme Beings of Leisure is scheduled to tour North America in late fall, complete with a six-piece band; it will be part of the Volkswagen Presents the House of Blues series. At the same time, RadioVW ( will feature album streams with partner sites, as well as offer exclusive DJ-mixed sets from the duo.

Excerpted from the Aug. 24, 2002, issue of Billboard. The full original text of the article is available in the members section.

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