Katy Perry Releases Teaser Video for Olympics Anthem 'Rise'

Katy Perry
Nicholas Walker

Katy Perry

Katy Perry set the Internet ablaze last week when she released her new Olympics anthem single "Rise" at almost the exact same time Britney Spears dropped her latest track, "Make Me." Well, Perry is keeping her hat in the ring for Biggest Summer Anthem by releasing a teaser for the "Rise" music video on Friday, which features the singer parachuting into a body of water and then trekking across a desert mountainscape while singing the victorious lyrics, "You'll be surprised/I will still rise."

Katy Perry Returns With Olympics Anthem 'Rise'

"Rise" is the first new music video Perry has released since "This Is How We Do" in 2014. It was accompanied by an Olympics promo video in advance of the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio, as NBC plans to use the song as its anthem throughout the broadcast next month. Unfortunately for Perry fans, "Rise" is apparently not a harbinger of a forthcoming album any time soon, but this should tide them over for a little while longer.