Watch Stephen Colbert Bum Rush the Stage at the Republican National Convention

Stephen Colbert ahead of the Republican National Convention

Stephen Colbert tapes a segment for The Late Show at the Quicken Loans Arena on July 17, 2016, ahead of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland.

Stephen Colbert has been warning that his live Late Show broadcasts from the Republican National Convention in Cleveland this week will keep network censors on their feet. But even before the coronation of presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump was slated to kick off at noon on Monday (July 18), Colbert had the RNC staff scrambling when he bum rushed the main stage for a bit as Hunger Games MC Caesar Flickerman. 

"He has formed an alliance with Indiana Gov. Mike Pence," Colbert said in his stentorian Games voice in a YouTube video posted on Sunday that had gained nearly 500,000 views at press time. Bowing his head momentarily and joking that he "blacked out there for a moment" after mentioning Pence's name, Colbert snuck in yet another reference to his repeated jokes about the excitement factor surrounding Trump's VP pick. 


"So it is my honor to hereby launch and begin the 2016 Republican hungry for power games," Colbert continued, banging his gavel dramatically as a security staffer appeared to try and drag the late night host from the podium. "Look, I know I'm not supposed to be up here, but let's be honest, neither is Donald Trump," he slipped in before it appeared he was escorted from the main stage at Quicken Loans Arena. A spokesperson for Colbert confirmed that he appeared in the video; at press time a spokesperson for the RNC had not returned requests for comment on the stunt.