Solange Knowles Sends Message After Recent Police Shootings With 'Black Maybe' Cover

Solange Knowles performs at the House of Blues
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Solange Knowles performs at the House of Blues on Aug. 29, 2015 in New Orleans.

Solange Knowles posted a short clip covering Syreeta’s “Black Maybe” on Instagram in solidarity with the victims of recent fatal police shootings: Alton Sterling and Philando Castile.

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“Been singing Syreeta’s 'Black Maybe' over and over again trying to comfort my weary heart," Knowles wrote in the Instagram video caption. "But what is comfort when the images of slain black bodies left to bleed are sketched into your being…over and over again.”



Black Maybe - Syreeta Wright 1972

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“Black Maybe” was produced alongside Stevie Wonder in 1972. The song’s lyrics -- “Black maybe or maybe it’s just one you say/ Black maybe or maybe this is just your color for today/ You’ve seen the way they’ve done your bow/ And the bow’s still down after three hundred years/ Like maybe you better come around” -- remain relevant for Knowles 40 years after its release.

Knowles also took to Twitter to express her anger over the recent shootings.

Sterling and Castile were shot and killed by cops within a 24-hour period. Video shows Sterling being killed by cops on Tuesday in Baton Rouge, La., while Castile was shot at a traffic stop in Falcon Heights, Minnesota, on Wednesday.