Alton Sterling Killed by Police: Amy Schumer, Zendaya, Chuck D & Others React

Children hold signs reading "Black Lives Matter" in Baton Rouge
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Children hold signs reading "Black Lives Matter" outside the Triple S convenience store on July 6, 2016 in Baton Rouge, La.

Yet another police-related killing caught on tape -- the fatal shooting of Alton Sterling, 37, in Baton Rouge on July 5 -- has spurred a strong reaction from celebrities speaking out against police brutality and its impact on black Americans. The comments from the likes of gun legislation advocate/comedian Amy Schumer and comedian Kumail Nanjiani offer their support and love for the people of Baton Rouge and the Black Lives Matter movement. Meanwhile, a number of artists have called for action and condemnation for what appears to be yet another deadly show of force by a police department on a black man.

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Executed this man about selling bootleg DVDs! Smh it's only gone get worst! They don't care about us!

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Although I am a black young woman I AM #AltonSterling. Just like Alton I used to sell my CDs outside records, library steps, street corners, etc. My first cousin's name is Alton. What happened to Alton just reiterates that WE are not truly free. WE are not safe. WE need protection from hunters who hide behind badges. And until every human being, no matter what race you are, realizes this is also your problem and also your job to protect US from murderers like these officers we will never be free. We will always look at you like the enemy. What happened to Alton happens over and over again around this country. We are tired. Tired of IG ING, tweeting, FBooking "RIP" and posting videos of MURDER and shit not change. What these murderers in uniform did should warrant immediate arrest. It's clear what happened. This man could not even reach a gun if there was one. Video shows that. Someone screams "he has a gun!" and so u kill him? He resisted arrest so that means shoot to KILL HIM?! Any excuse one gives to these cowards with badges will continue to play a part in our extinction. Blood on your hands as well. My heart is mad, heavy, and cries for his family and loved ones . I'm so fucking irate right now but clearl minded and moved enough to continue to speak out and help this man and many others seek Justice. #HYTB

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?According to CNN, the president of the Baton Rouge NAACP branch called for the city's police chief and chief executive to resign in light of Tuesday's shooting death of Sterling, a black man who was seen in a video being pinned to the ground and shot after he allegedly got into an altercation with the officers. Police said they arrived on the scene early Tuesday, responding to an anonymous 911 call about a man threatening him with a gun; a preliminary autopsy found that Sterling died as a result of "multiple gunshot wounds to the chest and back." 

Sterling was known in the area as the "CD man," someone his attorney said was a beloved, gentle member of the community known for selling songs and DVDs outside of the store where he was shot. The store's owner told WAFB TV that the first officer used a stun gun on Sterling and a second one tackled him, with Sterling fighting to get the second officer off him as the first one shot four to six times. The owner said he didn't see a gun in Sterling's hand when one of the officers yelled "he's got a gun," but that he did see officers remove a weapon from Sterling's pocked after the shooting.

Following protest over the killing on Tuesday, more demonstrations are expected on Wednesday (July 6). The two officers involved in the shooting have been placed on administrative leave and have not yet been identified publicly. The Associated Press reported that that officials and family members have called for a federal investigation into Sterling's death, saying they don't trust local law enforcement to handle the probe. "It's a horrible thing, it's a horrible thing to happened to him... he didn't deserve that," said Sterling's aunt, Sandra Sterling.

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