Britain Votes to Exit European Union: Musicians and Celebs React

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The U.K. electorate has voted to leave the European Union in a shock referendum result which has captured the world's attention.

The #Brexit and #EUref hashtags trended through the night as artists, celebs, thinkers, world leaders and many others shared their thoughts on the unfolding event. 

U.K. Votes to Leave European Union

A victory for so-called Brexit campaigners sees the U.K. depart from the 28-state economic and political union, which was formally established in 1993. 

For the music industry, the outcome of the national vote carries huge consequences and has the potential to impact on everything from touring to record sales to copyright legislation. One thing is certain: the industry will be dealing with a new national leader by October. In the hours after the nation's votes were counted, the prime minister David Cameron announced his resignation.