Atlas Genius Drops WWII-Themed Claymation Epic for 'Balladino': Exclusive Premiere

Atlas Genius
Frank Maddocks

Atlas Genius

Australia's Atlas Genius carved out a spot on American charts in 2013 with the rollicking breakout hit "Trojans." Now brothers Michael and Keith Jeffery are soaring again with "Balladino" off their latest album, Inanimate Objects, a cohesive collection of the siblings' sonic experiments, from dark guitars to gritty synths.

"Balladino" builds slowly, with flourishes of triumph along the way, finding glimmers of hope in a dire situation through cry of, "I believe that there is light up ahead" in the song's hook. "Sometimes there are these long, unrelenting periods of darkness that we go through in life," Keith Jeffery said. "At times, it feels endless, yet it eventually passes. 'Balladino' is about holding out hope."

Brother Keith told Billboard that the pair had a vision for the video's World War II themes from the get-go. "Right from the inception of 'Balladino,' I had a very clear idea of how I wanted this video to look," Keith said. "A WW2 epic meets Wallace and Gromit. Both of our grandfathers fought in the war so it's a tribute to them and everyone else who sacrificed so much. The problem was that I knew this vision would be difficult to pull off. We found a genius at this stuff, a guy called Justy Burgos, in Portland who worked on it for almost a year. The result was beyond our expectations."

Watch "Balladino" below, and check out their full album Inanimate Objects.