American Authors Tackle Gun Violence & Loss in 'What We Live For' Video: Exclusive Premiere

American Authors
Jesse Deflorio

American Authors

The guys of American Authors -- lead singer Zac Barnett, guitarist James Adam Shelley, bassist Dave Rublin and drummer Matt Sanchez -- are returning with the July 1 release of their second album What We Live For. "[Our] first album is all about reflection and the memories that led us to becoming American Authors," says Zac Barnett. "What We Live For is about the adventures we’re having and where we want to go."

Title track "What We Live For" cements their theme of adventures, with lyrics laden with road trip imagery, bubbling over with ebullience. In the music video, however, a young couple's adventures are tragically cut short by gun violence, a production decision made by the band to address our nation's current climate. American Authors wrote a statement to accompany the video and the topic of guns in America:

In January of 2016 we came up with a concept for a music video that worked perfectly with our song "What We Live For." We wanted to show you a powerful memory between two people whose love for each other, abruptly came to an end due to gun violence. In March 2016, we filmed it.

Everyone has so much to live for, including the 1000s of victims that die from gun violence in our country every year. We must ask ourselves, why do we keep allowing this to happen? How do these violent people get these weapons of mass destruction? And, what can we do to stop them?

We here at American Authors believe in strengthening our gun laws, and we feel that coming together to find a solution to these everyday atrocities is more important than any constitution or amendment, because finding happiness and living our lives as long as we can, is our inherent right as people.

We hope you enjoy our video, and our song, and please keep fighting the good fight to make a positive difference in this world.

Watch the music video in full below: