Alessia Cara, Ruth B & More Discuss Orlando Shooting at Much Music Video Awards: 'The World Needs More Loving'

Alessia Cara at the 2016 iHeartRADIO MuchMusic Video Awards
Jess Baumung/Invision/AP

Alessia Cara at the 2016 iHeartRADIO MuchMusic Video Awards on June 19, 2016, in Toronto, Canada.

At the iHeartRadio Much Music Video Awards in Toronto on Sunday night, a number of Canadian artists expressed their horror at the massacre in Orlando just over a week ago that killed 49 people and injured 53. 

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Onstage at Toronto’s iHeartRadio Much Music Video Awards, while accepting his award for international artist, Nick Jonas said, "It's been a tough couple of weeks -- a lot of hate and violence in the world. But it's moments like this where we can all come together and celebrate the good times and be full of joy and happiness. It's a beautiful thing, so thank you for this. I dedicate this to all the families and victims of the shootings recently. We love you and we have not forgotten."

On the red carpet, Billboard asked other artists for their thoughts:

Coleman Hell
“It’s terrible and horrible to hear. It’s almost like you can’t go more than a week without hearing about some new tragedy. Someone’s got to get a handle on that. I’ve been touring America a lot too. But I wasn’t letting myself get afraid or anything to go out and talk and meet with fans. But it’s awful and it sucks because all the people I meet there are so awesome. It’s a really sad thing. And guns, Canada has them figured out. Come on, America!”

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Alx Veliz
“It’s very sad. A human life is a human life, no matter what. In moments like that, from a personal perspective, it gives us Canadians a feeling of security and makes us feel grateful to live here. I just hope the States can follow our way and maybe have the same policies that we have with gun control.”

Dan Talevski
“Just thoughts and prayers for families. It’s absolutely insane to wake up and see that news, especially in 2016. I’m totally against guns, and I just hope one day someone changes that gun law. No one should have a gun. No one should be carrying a gun.”

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Ruth B
“It’s absolutely terrible and it’s heartbreaking and I think the world needs more loving.”

Shawn Hook
“I don’t know what the answer is either. It’s sad, but if there’s any silver lining, people who haven’t been paying attention to the LGBTQ community are now paying attention. It sucks that this horrible tragic event happened, but at least now voices are being heard and, hopefully, the LGBTQ community can continue and have their voices heard. I don’t know what the answer is in legislation. Gun control is an ongoing debate and they will debate it forever.”

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Alessia Cara
“It definitely comes down to gun control. It’s scary. The statistics, if you look at what’s happening in America, it’s absolutely sickening and scary and terrifying and my heart is broken for the LGBTQ community because you feel like they’re making so much progress and then something like that happens. It just comes down to gun control. We have to control who has possession of these guns and how they’re using them because it’s causing innocent people to die and it’s scary. I’m terrified for us. It’s so shocking to hear that and my prayers go out to all the families and the people that are affected.”


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