Death Cab For Cutie's Nick Harmer Explains Why Band Left the Stage During Charleston Set

Death Cab for Cutie photographed in 2014
Chris Rhoads/Sarah Rhoads

Death Cab for Cutie

A squabble broke out during Death Cab For Cutie's set at a Charleston, S.C., concert on June 15 at the same time that frontman Ben Gibbard's equipment failed. Despite reports that Ben stormed off stage mid-song, DCFC's Nick Harmer explained how the group experienced technical difficulties.

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"It's kind of a non-story really," Harmer tells Billboard at the Firefly Music Festival in Dover, Delaware. "It got spun as we left the stage mid-set. It was the last 20 seconds of the last song and all of Ben's equipment failed at the exact kind of unrelated moment there was a giant fight in front of us." 

"We would've finished the song but we're all feeling a little skittish after Orlando and things were just -- we weren't sure what was happening. Suddenly, there was this moment in the crowd where we don't see this kind of energy happen in front of us," he continued, noting how the crowd parted and security guards were pulling people out in Full Nelsons.

"It's kind of scary, so we stop as a band thinking somebody's hurt or something's happening, but that also just happened to coincide with the same other thing that was happening with Ben and all of his gear problems."

The band eventually came out to perform an encore and didn't cut any of the songs from their original set. 

Watch the full interview with Harmer below.