Howard Stern Talks 'Sheep' & 'Wolves' During Gun Discussion After Orlando Massacre

Howard Stern in New York City
Rob Kim/FilmMagic

Howard Stern at New York Friars Club on May 10, 2012 in New York City. 

Howard Stern went on a long rant about gun rights on Wednesday on his SiriusXM show in the wake of the killing of 49 people at the Pulse gay nightclub in Orlando, during which he said the "sheep" need to arm themselves against the "wolves."

The vocal Second Amendment supporter spent a portion of all three of his shows this week railing against the 29-year-old perpetrator of the incident and the horror of the mass shooting. Stern made his point with a number or references to the controversial 2014 film American Sniper. In the movie, the lead character played by Bradley Cooper discusses the different types of people in the world, breaking them down into predatory wolves, sheep who don't believe evil exists in the world and sheepdogs, who are "blessed with the gift of aggression." 

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"I’m so upset about Orlando and what went down," he said. "But I can’t believe these people who come out afterwards and their answer to Orlando is to take away guns from the public. It’s f---ing mind-blowing to me." Stern posted a link to the Sniper "sheep" speech on his official site and referred to the analogy several times during Wednesday's conversation (which you can hear below).

"I hate the world that has been created," Stern said, admitting that he's anti-violence and could likely not even "hurt a fly" if confronted. "[But] there are such horrible monsters in our world."

Stern came out strongly against limiting Americans' access to guns, both pistols and semi-automatic rifles, saying, "Do you want a fighting chance or not?" The segment led to a number of gun-rights-supporting sites praising Stern's position, with such headlines as "Howard Stern Just Dropped a Lot of Truth About Gun Control" on the Federalist and "Howard Stern Dismantles Calls for Gun Control After Orlando Attack With Chilling 'Sheep' and 'Wolves' Analogy," on The Blaze.

"I'm just a sheep; I'll admit it," he said, labeling most people as sheep, the military and police officers as sheepdogs, and those who would harm them as wolves, while pointing to the terror attack on 9/11 as another example of his Sniper analogy. "I'm gonna tell you about the most gun-free zone on the planet," he said, referring to the planes used as weapons during those terror attacks. "So what did the wolves do? They said, 'This is great. We’ll just kill the sheep with boxcutters.' They went on the plane with boxcutters and all the sheep went, 'Baaaa.'... See, the wolves are always plotting. They’ll use boxcutters. They’ll use an airplane to fly it right into a building. They don’t need AR-15s." A spokesperson for Stern declined further comment.

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Stern said he doesn't like or condone violence but knows that he's a sheep himself and that, unlike politicians who have security to protect them, the rest of us are "sitting duck[s]." 

"I’m not for taking away people’s rights," he concluded. "I think the answer doesn't lie in taking any kind of ability of the sheep to protect themselves from the wolves. I wish it was that simple."