Celine Dion is Launching a Lifestyle Product Brand: Exclusive

Celine Dion
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Celine Dion 

At the 2016 BBMAs, Celine Dion, performed a powerful rendition of Queen’s famous ballad, “The Show Must Go On,” in honor of her late husband and manager, René Angelil. Now, less than a month post-performance, the singer is proving the sentiment true, ushering in a new era by announcing her plans to launch an all-encompassing lifestyle brand in partnership with the licensing firm Epic Rights, including home goods, active wear, beauty products, and more, all modeled after the singer’s values: “family, music, entertainment and style.”

Celine Dion at the Billboard Music Awards 2016

“In today’s world, you need a coordinating and consistent branded approach to everything,” Dell Furano, CEO of Epic Rights, exclusively told Billboard. “On a global level, [artists] need to combine all areas -- their music, performances, touring, website, social media -- and launching a lifestyle brand was just a natural extension for Celine at this point in her career, particularly because it’s all from her point of view.”

While the program is still yet to be named (they’re currently calling the brand “Celine Dion” as a placeholder), the initial stages of conceiving the multiple lines and rollout planning are done, purposely timed to take advantage of the International Licensing Show in Las Vegas, where Furano says they already have three days of meeting with mid-tier department stores booked for the brand.

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Unfortunately, you won’t be able to get your hands on a Celine Dion product anytime this year. Epic Rights and Feeling Productions (Dion’s Canadian-based production company) will be rolling out the goods in Fall 2017 over an 18-month period, starting with active wear, accessories, eyewear, beauty, and travel products and introducing new product lines over the following three years.

“This is a very organized, very well thought out program,” Furano said. “And what makes this unique from [other artist programs] is simple: it is Celine herself.”