Foxtails Brigade Go Creepy Cute in 'We Are Not Ourselves' Video

Foxtails Brigade photographed in 2016
Riki Feldmann

Foxtails Brigade

Oakland, California's Foxtails Brigade have dropped a short horror film of a music video for their latest chamber-pop single "We Are Not Ourselves."

"We Are Not Ourselves" is billed as a "salt rock-filled strawberry-cupcake-of-a-ride." The video screams cute with its wall of guinea pig portraits and '50s all-American girl wardrobe... until you see the blood and dark magic and the question-raising gift box. Drummer Dominic Mercurio does double duty as director of the music video, while singer Laura Weinbach stars as the clip's villain. It's a modern day Grimms' fairytale of a doppelganger's ability to dupe even those closest to you, complementing the song's orchestral pop peppered with flashes of yelping and chaos.

Foxtails Brigade released their self-titled album, available on Bandcamp, in April on OIM Records. The band’s third full-length album serves as a confirmation of the band's blend of indie and chamber pop, melding together percussion and synths with cinematic arrangements and guitars.

Watch the creepy clip below, and catch Foxtails Brigade on tour this summer.