The Lonely Island on Why Their Bodies Are a 'Temple of Doom' and the Secret to Success (Think Matching Outfits): Exclusive Video

The Lonely Island guys, who have known each other since they were "knee high to a donkey" as Akiva Schaffer would put it, donned matching Pac-Man suits as they dished about the group's secret to success and voted for the "resident square" while sitting down with Billboard recently to talk about their new movie, Popstar, for Billboard's new cover story

Billboard Cover: The Lonely Island and Andy Samberg Make ‘Spinal Tap’ for the Viral Era With ‘Popstar’

"There's a scene with nudity that I don't wanna spoil," Schaffer teases, "and I couldn't keep a straight face."

"Jorm and I are a little more open-minded," Andy Samberg jokingly adds, explaining his and Jorma Taccone's "temple of doom" philosophy of their own bodies. 

Watch Akiva, Andy, and Jorma flaunt their mega-sized Popstar-esque egos (okay, don't take them seriously at all) in the video below as they goof around on set and curse each other out -- under their breaths, of course. Divas still have class.

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