Watch Machine Gun Kelly in Trailer For Nas-Produced Skater Film 'The Land'

Machine Gun Kelly in the trailer for The Land
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Machine Gun Kelly in the trailer for The Land.

The new trailer for the Nas-produced drama The Land provides a glimpse at the gritty Cleveland-based film that follows a group of four wannabe professional skateboarders whose lives take a dangerous turn when the get caught up in drug dealing.

The feature directing debut from Steven Caple Jr. made a splash at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year where Cleveland-bred rapper Machine Gun Kelly (real name Richard Colson Baker) told Billboard about his latest acting gig. "I had met [director] Steven Caple Jr. with my daughter at a coffee shop downtown two years ago and this is back when The Land was a thought in his head. He was basically like, ‘I want to make a movie about Cleveland.' With anything that happens in Cleveland, I always get involved," he said. 

Machine Gun Kelly Talks Sundance Film Debut 'The Land'

"I’ve been a big part of the culture for the past five years there so he wanted to make a movie about some young cats like myself. Watching it go from his mind to the script to another version of the script, seeing certain actors and actresses sign on and it becoming reality was insane. It represented the city well."

Nas to Produce Soundtrack for Steven Caple Jr.'s 'The Land'

The film also stars Erykah Badu, whose music is featured alongside new songs from executive producer Nas, MGK, Pusha T, Jeremih, Ezzy, Nosaj Thing and French Montana. The Land will hit theaters and VOD on July 29.