Iggy Pop and Jim Jarmusch Talk Stooges Documentary 'Gimme Danger' at Cannes

Jim Jarmusch and Iggy Pop at Cannes
AP Photo/Joel Ryan

Jim Jarmusch and Iggy Pop pose for photographers during a photo call for the film Gimme Danger at the 69th international film festival, Cannes on May 19, 2016.

Iggy Pop took center stage at the press conference for Jim Jarmusch's documentary Gimme Danger, which focuses on his punk band The Stooges.

The musician charmed the crowd with stories from his past and thoughts on everything from politics to drugs and rock 'n' roll.

"If you want to ask a question to Mr. Iggy Pop, please shout it" said the moderator when he began the session, with Iggy Pop adding that he's "half deaf."

Jarmusch said that the documentary, which is being showcased in the Midnight Screenings section, was based on Iggy Pop's memories, and used new footage and photos to tell the story of the iconic band, known as one of the main influences of the punk movement.

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"I saw the film for the first time last night and it really hit me, 'oh Christ I'm a product of those times,'" said Iggy Pop, whose real name is James Newell Osterberg Jr.

He spoke about his memories from the wild shows they performed in the 60s and 70s.

"I was on acid in more than several of the clips in the movie when I was young. I would go from feeling very aggressive to breaking out in laughter," he said.

He also was asked about his take on drug use now, at the age of 69.

"The drugs -- everybody should just drop that shit," he said. "For me, the best is a very good wine, but weed is OK for most people."

He added: "All can say is I don’t drug up anymore. I don’t do it. I have wine with dinner and that’s about it."

"Mr. Pop," as the moderator was calling him, also was asked by reporters if he was planning on showing off his signature look by not wearing a shirt to the red carpet gala later on Thursday night.

"Would you like me to come to the carpet with no shirt?" he said, getting plenty of cheers. "Well, no shirt it is. I’ve been thinking about it. My manager thinks I should wear a shirt. But now it's decided."

This article originally appeared on The Hollywood Reporter.