Prince Bill Pulled From Minnesota Legislature Amid Concerns

Prince performs in the Netherlands
Paul Bergen/Redferns

Prince performs in Den Bosch, Netherlands on March 24, 1995.

A Minnesota state lawmaker has decided to set aside a measure that would have clarified the rights of artists to control the commercial use of their names, likenesses and images, and extended those protections to heirs after a person's death.

'Prince Act' Introduced Into Minnesota State Legislature Following Legend's Death

Republican Rep. Joe Hoppe introduced the bill creating a so-called Right of Publicity after Minnesota native Prince died in April. Representatives handling Prince's estate said they were concerned of others profiting off of Prince, including by selling unauthorized T-shirts with his image.

But others worried the bill was moving too fast and could have unintended consequences.

2 Claim Share of Prince's Estate Through Half Brother

Hoppe, whose district includes Prince's famed Paisley Park home and studio, says he decided to pull the bill and take more time to consider some of the concerns raised.

He hopes to return with a new bill next year.