Grammy Winner Eric Krasno Drops Bluesy 'Waiting On Your Love': Exclusive Premiere

Eric Krasno
Jay Sansone

Eric Krasno

Soulive and Lettuce co-founder and guitarist, Grammy winner, and producer for just about everyone (he's worked with Talib KweliNorah Jones and 50 Cent, to name a few): Eric Krasno has an impressive CV for someone who's only releasing his second solo album two decades into his career.

The experienced Krasno crafted the bulk of upcoming album Blood From a Stone in a handful of days alongside Rustic Overtones' Dave Gutter. "We didn't realize we were actually making the record, so there was no pressure, and that let us experiment in really cool ways," Krasno explained. "There's a lot of rawness to the recordings, and that really bled into the performances and my vocal delivery."

Blood From a Stone and lead single "Waiting On Your Love" (premiering exclusively below) mark a change from Krasno's earlier funk-imbued style to a more structured blues and R&B-influenced sound. "Growing up, I listened to Hendrix, the Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, and the Grateful Dead, along with a lot of hip-hop," Krasno recalled. "When I linked up with Soulive, we played instrumental music, and that's the path I’ve mostly been on ever since. This record loops back to those initial bands and songs I loved, but with the added experience and influence of the past 20 years."

Krasno described "Waiting On Your Love" as "a song about moving on. Realizing you can’t wait any longer on something that isn’t there." Sonically, it's a mix of his varied influences. "It's blues, but psychedelic, and has a hip-hop feel at the same time. The hypnotic vibe is a good introduction for what’s to follow."

Krasno utilized the city of New Orleans and its resources for the single's music video, enlisting skilled local faves Mike Bertel, Alex Glustrom, and Ben McKay for the colorful clip. "For the initial shots in the video, we actually hopped a fence and snuck in to an old rundown factory building in New Orleans," Krasno said. "At one point I’m standing with my guitar on a rail at the top of a seven story building acting like everything was cool, but thinking ‘damn, I could fall deep into the abyss from here.'"

"Waiting On Your Love" marks Krasno's first single featuring his vocals. "It's something I didn’t know was there," Kresno said. "I would have been totally content just being a guitar player and writing songs for other people, but this inspiration just happened, and I'm really glad it did, because it's changed things. I didn't know I had this in me."

Watch "Waiting On Your Love" below, and catch Blood From a Stone when it drops on July 8.