Grizzly Bear Passionate About Making 'Amazing Music' For First Album in Four Years

Grizzly Bear
Daniel Briggs

Grizzly Bear performs at day 1 of the 2013 Firefly Festival in Dover, DE

The bear has awoken from a four year slumber. Grizzly Bear surprised fans on Wednesday morning (Apr. 13) by announcing that they are gearing up to record the long-awaited follow-up to 2012 Shields. After a nearly year-long Twitter silence, a series of tweets announced both the new recordings and a special show this weekend.

"We r passionate to make amazing music for years to come!" they tweeted, adding that bassist Chris Taylor just became a dad. "We are starting to record the new album next month with tons of songs!"

Clearly wanting to share the good news after such a prolonged silence, the band is eager to get back to work. "We are all super excited to record this new album next month. We feel great about it, and excited."





In addition to working on new music, Grizzly Bear will break a two-plus year live performance hiatus with a gig in Brooklyn's Prospect Park on Sunday in support of Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders. The free show, their first since January 2014, will also feature appearances from actors Justin Long and Danny DeVito and Hawaiian Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard.



Singer Ed Droste -- who along with band mates Daniel Rossen, Chris Taylor and Christopher Bear endorsed Sanders in a Facebook post earlier this month -- also posted a lengthy Instagram post on Wednesday morning in which he enthused about being involved in the political process and getting excited about democracy. "I'm so optimistic and hopeful New York can change the tides," he wrote, saying he's canvassed for President Obama in the past and phone banked for Sanders, but "never before have I felt so inspired by a candidate's purity and integrity." Check out the full post below:



I'm so optimistic and hopeful New York can change the tides. I've been following politics since I could vote at age 18...I first voted in '98 for Clinton because I grew up in a liberal family (and I'm so grateful I did) , I canvassed for Kerry and Obama, and I've phone banked for Bernie, but never before have I felt so inspired by a candidate' purity and integrity. So to me, I used to vote with my own interests at heart. This election had forced me to LEARN and EDUCATE myself in a way like no other has. Does my vote help or hurt civilians abroad? Does my vote contribute to the decimation of income inequality? Does my vote sit well within my global moral compass? Only one candidate will fight for what we need. @berniesanders ! I am a lucky privileged soul. I am the definition of privilege. I HATE that money defines policy and political sway. It decides what you see. It decides what you eat. It decides how we die. Money is not meant to be in politics. The fact that anyone , let alone a democrat can take money from privatized prisons is INSANE TO ME. You realize that means, prisons, make $$$ for locking people up. I hate to shit talk the other dem candidate Bc it doesn't ever help the argument. I just want you all to realize that by choosing Hillary we are accepting the corruption we've been desensitized to. We are allowing pointless wars. We are perpetuating a system that systematically makes it THAT much harder to get ahead as a woman or minority in politics. We are justifying a "game"...this is our country and our lives and it's not a game. Corporate greed will continue to destroy our water, our infrastructure , our middle class....our WORLD! We are not alone here. Please research the damage HRC has done to Libya and Honduras....think of those thousands of souls suffering and dying because of our solipsism and greed. We need reform. When you eat lunch tomorrow, you may not know it, but consider this...thanks to lobbyists we aren't entitled to know what GMO ingredients are in your food ...we are contributing to the decline of our health , our nation and the world. #berniesanders

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He's already started stumping, joined by actors Shailene Woodley, Kendrick Sampson and Kal Pen during a rally at Columbia University on Tuesday.





Today was amazing. Nothing feels as good as standing up for what you believe in. Call it naive, call it pie-eyed. I've yet to meet people on any opposing side with the level of passion, excitement and optimism that I encountered today. Thank you to all the students and volunteers spending their free time trying to make a positive change in this country. It truly made my heart swell. ?????? ...there is an unprecedented level of excitement and love and hope out there. The alternates want to squash that with talk of "pragmatism" and "incremental progress" ...that's fear based. Let's not be afraid of what we believe. I'm done with the fear mongering. Stay optimistic! There's are millions of us out there. (If you roll your eyes at this message please just unfollow me) #berniesanders #FeelTheBern #rightsideofhistory

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