Grupo Fiesta

This rock crew calls New York its barrio.

This rock crew calls New York its barrio. Core members Cecilia Villar (lead guitar), Cindy Padilla (lead vocals), Jimmy Connolly (keyboards), and Brian "Bajo Man" Moore (bass)—backed by timbales, congas, and drums—work a sound that electrifies Latin styles like cha-cha, rumba, son, and bolero. "Caliente," sounding very much like a potential hit single, opens the album and defines the Grupo Fiesta groove. Heavily percussive and invitingly rhythmic, "Caliente" gleans extra punch from Padilla's strong vocal and Villar's soaring guitar solo. This is rock/dance music at its best. The remaining nine tracks do not disappoint. Grupo Fiesta has an auspicious debut album in hand and an opportunity to garner much-deserved national attention from both fans and critics in the coming months. Racked by DLN.—PVV