Bill Murray Sings 'Jungle Book' Tune on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live': Watch

Kenzo Tribouillard/AFP/Getty Images
US actor Bill Murray arrives for the screening of the movie "La couleur des sentiments" (The Help), on the first day of the 37th US Film Festival, in Deauville, northwestern France. 

Bill Murray is really embracing his role as Baloo the bear.

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Murray belted out a tune from the Disney version of Jungle Book on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Thursday night (March 31) in honor of his role in the upcoming live-action adaptation. Murray, who plays Baloo the bear in the film, joined Kimmel along with the film's star, Neel Sethi, who plays Mowgli. The duo capped off their interview with the host with a rendition of the song "Bare Necessities," surrounded by people in bear costumes.

"We have not rehearsed this," Murray warned, before jumping in to the tune with Seethi. Sethi also told Kimmel about getting the role after his dance teacher recommended him for it, and called Jon Favreau the best director (and only director) he's ever worked with.

Watch the clip below.

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