Here's What Donald Trump Had to Say About Madonna's 'Sex' Book in 1992

Kevin Mazur Archive/WireImage

Madonna photographed in 1992.

This shouldn't shock anyone, but Donald Trump was saying sexist things long before his confounding 2016 presidential run started.

Way back in 1992, when Trump was just one of many elite East Coast celebrities making the rounds on TV shows to talk shit about other celebrities, the future presidential hopeful took on the Queen of Pop.

During an Oct. 21., 1992, appearance on ABC's Nitecap -- a long-defunct late-night show where guests hawked products while chatting with hosts Robin Leach and Rae Dawn Chong -- Trump slammed Madonna's controversial book Sex, a tome filled with erotic photographs of herself and other celebrities.

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No, he wasn't morally outraged by the nudity. It seems he was extremely unimpressed with her naked body. "Not great," Trump said of Madonna's book, according to an Oct. 23, 1992, article from USA Today about the TV show appearance. "I don't think you'll be impressed. If Madonna were in this room, she'd be the least attractive woman here," he told the talk show audience.

Since then, he's gone after her concerts too (even though she's one of the most reliably profitable touring acts around). "Many people walked out on Madonna's concert when she told them to vote for Obama," he tweeted on Oct. 29, 2012 -- almost 20 years to the day after slamming her on Nitecap. "Years ago I walked out because the concert was terrible!"

Safe to say Madge won't be performing at any Trump fundraisers in the future.