Meghan Trainor's 'NO' Video: Grammy Winner Shows a New Side in Sexy, Dance-y Clip

Meghan Trainor No 2016
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Meghan Trainor in the video for "NO."

Meghan Trainor's "NO" music video is here, but anyone expecting to see the bright colors and vintage cute tone of her early videos is in for a shock.

Wearing a shiny, silver coat and a mesh, see-through top, Trainor gives serious early '00s Britney and mid '90s Madonna vibes in her "NO" video, which is visually darker (it takes place is a smoky warehouse) than anything we've seen from her before.

Meghan Trainor Teases Caribbean Influences on New Album 'Thank You'

When she's not executing tightly choreographed dance moves with her backup dancers, she's rubbing them down or letting them pet her. It's a much sexier look than we're used to seeing from Trainor, but she owns it, looking as comfortable in the vaguely Erotica-esque outfits of the "NO" video as she did in the Easter pastels of her "All About That Bass" clip.

Watch it below.

As for the rest of the Thank You album, Trainor recently told Billboard it will be harder-hitting and funkier than her debut.

"Also there's some of my Caribbean influences on this album, which I'm very excited about. Since I was seven, my Trinidadian uncle came into our family -- he married my aunt -- and I've been listening to Caribbean music," Trainor told Billboard. "I love Soca, this amazing genre that's calypso and Caribbean influenced. It makes you feel good and it's not on the radio as much over here as I want it to be. So I want to bring a bit over…. I'm trying to show all the genres that Meghan Trainor can do as a songwriter."