M.I.A. Samples 'Lion King,' Talks Immigration on 2 New Songs

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M.I.A. is coming back with power-power.

Not long after Baauer shared "Temple" featuring fiery verses from the British rapper-singer and G-Dragon, M.I.A. is back with two brand new tracks of her own.

Stuffed together onto one SoundCloud track, the songs are "MIA OLA" followed by "Foreign Friend."

M.I.A., Baauer & G-Dragon Team Up for 'Temple'

Sampling the life-affirming opener of The Lion King's "Circle of Life," "MIA OLA" boasts a sick, staccato piano riff, an insistent rhythmic beat and one of M.I.A.'s most confident verses in a while. She sounds perfectly at home delivering a snapshot of life along the U.S./Mexico border, rapping about patrol cars and "hiding out in my Toyota Corollo." She clearly referencing the Trump-fueled panic over illegal Mexican immigrants, but opting not to bludgeon the listener with explicit political proselytizing on her lyrics. 

When the SoundCloud skips over to "Foreign Friend," a slower, simpler beat takes over, followed by an ethereal Middle Eastern vocal that serves as the short song's centerpiece. "Better tell somebody I'm an immigrant," M.I.A. says. "When I jump that fence I'm gonna get a Benz / Then I leave my tent and I'm gonna be your foreign friend."

Listen to the tracks below, which she dedicates to "all my Flypirates and DJs." The release date for her upcoming album Matahdatah hasn't yet been revealed.