The Wrens Frontman Charles Bissel Reveals Cancer Battle

Martyn Goodacre/Getty Images
The Wrens photographed in New York City circa 1992. 

Frontman Charles Bissel of rock band the Wrens revealed to fans yesterday (March 16) that he's currently battling multiple myeloma, a type of cancer that attacks plasma cells in bone marrow. Bissel detailed his current state in a lengthy Facebook post, explaining that he was diagnosed in late 2015 after being treated for phenomena, and reassured that his "prognosis is almost certainly not as dire as googling might make it seem."

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"It's not "curable" per se," Bissel wrote, expressing that he sees it more as a chronic condition. "But here that's not in the usual sense of a dramatic Brian's Song 'get your affairs in order, you've got nine months.' Here it means more that you're stuck with a longish weekly hospital commute for meds/chemo from here on out."

He continued on about the possibility of a bone marrow transplant and that on a positive note, "his numbers have already gone down" since starting treatment last week.

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Over the past few years, the Wrens have been expected to release their highly anticipated fourth album, following their 2003 The Meadowlands, and reportedly finished it at the end of 2014. Bissel, somewhat, alluded to the post as an album update, but of course his health is rightfully a bigger concern than churning out a record right now. Fortunately, he seems to have an optimistic approach for his ongoing battle. 

Read the full post below.

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