7 'Pie' Songs That Hit the Billboard Hot 100 for Pi Day

Madonna American Pie

Madonna in a promotional photo for "American Pie." 

Monday (March 14) marks the annual celebration of Pi Day (3.14 -- get it?), a holiday celebrated worldwide by dessert fiends and math nerds alike.

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In honor of the special occasion, Billboard has put together a list of some of our favorite songs that have charted on the Billboard Hot 100 that reference the pastry (in chronological order).

"Pop Pop Pop - Pie," The Sherrys (No. 35 in 1962)

"American Pie," Don McLean (No. 1 in 1972)

"Easy as Pie," Billy "Crash" Craddock (No. 54 in 1976)

"Cutie Pie," One Way (No. 61 in 1982)

"Cherry Pie," Warrant (No. 10 in 1990)

"Sweet Potatoe Pie," Domino (No. 27 in 1994)

"American Pie," Madonna (No. 29 in 2000)