Ladyhawke Announces Third Album 'Wild Things', Shares Two New Tracks: Listen

Photo credit Jen Carey


Ladyhawke is swooping in with Wild Things, her first studio album in four years. 

The New Zealand-raised electro-pop artist has shared artwork, the tracklist and a pair of upbeat songs -- "Sweet Fascination" and “A Love Song” -- from her forthcoming third LP, due June 3.

So why the long wait? Well, Ladyhawke (real name Pip Brown) isn’t the type of rush into creative projects. And on previous form, the release of Wild Things is right on time. Ladyhawke’s self-titled studio set arrived in September 2008, its follow-up arrived four years later in the shape of May 2012's Anxiety

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“People wonder why there’s always a massive gap between my albums,” explains Ladyhawke in a statement issued by Universal Music. “The reason is both complicated and easy. The simple explanation: “I’ve never released anything I’m not proud of. That’s important to me. I don’t want to release anything that I have a weird feeling about.”

That “weird feeling” was likely behind Brown’s decision to scrap a full Ladyhawke album. “The material didn’t feel like me. It felt too dark or something,” she explains. Brown now admits she became reliant on alcohol to tackle social anxiety. She got off the booze, embraced a healthier lifestyle and got to work with producer Tommy English (Børns, Tiësto, Dark Waves). “I feel good for the first time in 10 years. I actually have a clear mind! I have a wife. I feel stable. That is what I’m celebrating.”

Brown announced herself in a big way with her debut Ladyhawke album and its catchy track "My Delirium" which respectively won for best breakthrough artist album and single at the 2009 ARIA Awards. Both are platinum-certified Down Under. The album peaked at No. 16 in the U.K. and she was nominated for the BRIT Award for Best International Artist.

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Anxiety made a lesser impact on the sales charts, reaching No. 36 in the U.K. though the album did carry stand-out track “Blue Eyes,” which featured in a string of Verizon commercials.

"Sweet Fascination" and “A Love Song”, like all the tracks from the new album, draw on “all the stuff I was going through. I got it out of my system, exorcised it from my soul.”

Tracklist for "Wild Things":

1. "A Love Song"    
2. "The River"    
3. "Wild Things"    
4. "Let It Roll"    
5. "Chills"    
6. "Sweet Fascination"    
7. "Golden Girl"    
8. "Hillside Avenue"    
9. "Money to Burn"    
10. "Wonderland"    
11. "Dangerous"