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Pete Yorn

'Day' Dream

YornDespite U.S. sales of more than 500,000 and a heap of critical praise for his 2001 Columbia debut, "Musicforthemorningafter," Pete Yorn says he felt no pressure preparing his sophomore effort, "Day I Forgot." "It wasn't too fast or overwhelming," he reports. "I just want to keep making records, and I consider it still early in the game."

Instead, Yorn focused on "making the vocals as strong as I could and keeping the instrumentation simple. My sensibilities lean toward tight, simple pop songs. I didn't want too much fat," he adds, noting that there is less reliance this time on loops and electronic elements. "I wanted to make a more classic, straight-up record."

One thing remaining unchanged on "Day I Forgot" is that -- aside from contributions from co-producer R. Walt Vincent and a guest turn from R.E.M. guitarist Peter Buck -- most of the album is performed by Yorn. "I'm creating a lot when I'm in the studio," he says. "I like to just capture it quickly without filtering it through a lot of other people." Yorn begins a U.S. tour April 21 in San Francisco.