Yorn Keeps It Simple On 2nd Set

Excerpted from the magazine for Billboard.com.

Despite a gold certification from the Recording Industry Association of American (for U.S. shipments of 500,000 copies) and a heap of critical praise for his 2001 debut, "Musicforthemorningafter," Pete Yorn says he felt no pressure preparing his sophomore effort, "Day I Forgot."

"It felt like things were happening," the artist says of his debut, which has sold more than 518,000 copies, according to Nielsen SoundScan. "It wasn't too fast or overwhelming. I just want to keep making records, and I consider it still early in the game."

Instead, Yorn focused on "making the vocals as strong as I could and keeping the instrumentation simple. My sensibilities lean toward tight, simple pop songs.

"I didn't want too much fat," he adds, noting that there is less reliance this time on loops and electronic elements. "I wanted to make a more classic, straight-up record."

One thing remaining unchanged on "Day I Forgot," which arrives April 15 via Columbia, is that -- aside from contributions from co-producer R. Walt Vincent ("He's able to add stuff that I'm not able to do," Yorn says) and a guest turn from R.E.M. guitarist Peter Buck -- most of the album is performed by Yorn.

"I'm creating a lot when I'm in the studio," he says. "I like to just capture it quickly without filtering it through a lot of other people."

"Day I Forgot" finds the artist exploring a greater range of musical dynamics. Listeners will find the expected bevy of pop-inflected hooks -- beginning with the lead radio track, "Come Back Home." A video for the track was made by an artistic collective called the AV Club, which consists of such notables as Johannes Gamble, Roman Coppola, and Spike Jonze.

Yorn will embark on an ATT Wireless-supported tour upon the album's release, headlining clubs and theaters in major markets. The trek begins April 21 in San Francisco and is set to wrap May 31 in San Diego.

Excerpted from the April 19, 2003, issue of Billboard. The full original text of the article is available in the Billboard.com Premium Services section.

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