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Lil' Mo

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MoLil' Mo has been through a lot since the 2001 release of her first album, "Based on a True Story," and its hit single, "Superwoman Pt. II." Just as the album arrived in stores, an unknown assailant hit her over the head with a champagne bottle following a San Francisco concert; Lil' Mo had to have almost two dozen stitches. Since then, she also became a wife, a mother, and a radio personality. Thus, her sophomore set on the Gold Mind/Elektra, "Meet the Girl Next Door," reflects a more mature Lil' Mo.

"I think the audience I had before was 15 and under; now it's 15 and over," says Lil' Mo. "Because of my age [25], I think I need to be the spokesperson for women. People are always trying to make you dance. They don't want you to listen and think. I want to keep people, [especially] women, on the positive tip."

Such cuts as "4 Ever" will no doubt keep Lil' Mo's female fan base happy, but other tunes, like the ballad "Shoulda Known," could help widen her appeal to an older demographic. First single "4 Ever" featuring Fabolous is No. 20 this week on Billboard's Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles & Tracks.