My Love Is Like . . . Wo

The majority of new rock acts in the 2000s are corporate-stamped to sound precisely like whomever was topping the radio charts six months previous.

The doe-eyed girl next door is proving to be quite a versatile performer, with a decidedly vampish performance in the movie Chicago and new imaging that redresses Mya as a sexy and certain young woman. The first single from forthcoming Moodring, due July 22, is a playfully coy call to arms for the singer's more tactile attributes, from her love, her kiss, and her touch to her sex, ass, and body—all of which "are like wo." Get it? An appropriately hip-swaying beat swirls around the vocal, courtesy of ever-hitworthy producer Missy Elliott. This is the record that will propel Mya to the A-list among today's pop/R&B icons; throughout the song, she delivers womanly strength and sass with a knowing wink. Moodring sounds like a perfect fit.—CT