She's young, blond, and has an unusual name.

She's young, blond, and has an unusual name. But Jimena may become a well-known moniker if she delivers on the promise that comes when a talented Mexico City-based singer teams with such big-name producers as Emilio Estefan Jr. and his Miami-based Crescent Moon label. This 14-track debut is marked by innovative and surprisingly energetic arrangements featuring vallenato accordions, vocal overdubs, and prevalent violins. There's the now-standard multi-format song, "Maldita Ignorancia," which comes in ranchera, pop, cumbia, and norteño flavors. Dance fans will warm up to the high-spirited cumbia "No Rueges" and country-rock "Cara Dura." While her dulcet vocals recall those of grupero diva Emily, Jimena can also croon like Gloria Estefan (the pop-bolero "Y Llegaste Tú"). Radio-friendly stuff, for sure. It remains to be seen how Jimena will be received by grupero fans.—RB