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Keith Caulfield answers readers' questions about reissues, the Ataris and Mick Jagger.


Hello Keith,

I heard "Bad Girls" by Donna Summer is being remastered and re-released as a double CD with bonus tracks on July 29. A couple of months ago, the original soundtrack to "Fame" was remastered and re-released.

Besides the bonus tracks, what can one expect on these CDs? Is the sound quality any different? Also, do these remastered CDs sell well? How many copies has the remastered "Fame" sold, and how many copies did "Bad Girls" sell?

Thank you,

Nse ette

Hi Nse ette,

Older albums have been re-released for years now, and ever since the compact disc format was introduced, record companies and artists have taken advantage of new technology in order to revamp and refresh past albums.

Essentially every major artist, from the Beatles and the Rolling Stones to Madonna and Elvis Presley, has reissued part of or their entire catalog. Often, an album will be remastered so that it makes the sound quality better; or a disc will included previously unreleased tracks -- such as demo versions or live takes or remixes. You get the idea.

Donna Summer's "Bad Girls" album, originally released in 1979 on Casablanca, spent six weeks at No. 1 on The Billboard 200 and has been certified double platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) for U.S. shipments of 2 million copies. The album garnered five Grammy nominations, including album of the year, and included the single "Hot Stuff," for which Summer won the best rock vocal performance, female award.

The July 29 Mercury/UME reissue of the album is a two-disc affair. The first CD boasts the entire remastered album, while the second CD features nine extended versions of classic Summer tracks. These "12-inch mixes" (referring to the 12" vinyl singles that each originally appeared on) include the hit "Bad Girls" singles -- the title track, "Hot Stuff," "Dim All the Lights" and "Walk Away" -- as well several more Summer hits from the era. The others are "I Feel Love," "Last Dance," "MacArthur Park Suite," "No More Tears (Enough Is Enough)" and "On the Radio."

As for the "Fame" reissue, three bonus tracks were added to the remastered album. Two of the additional songs are instrumental versions (of the title track and Irene Cara's "Out Here On My Own") while the third bonus cut is Paul McCrane's "Miles From Here," which did not previously appear on the album. The "Fame" soundtrack was certified platinum by the RIAA in its original incarnation. The reissue has sold nearly 3,000 copies in the U.S., according to Nielsen SoundScan.



Who sings the remake of "The Boys of Summer?" It has a Blink 182 sound to it.

Thank you,

Kent Stamm

Hi Kent,

The group in question is the Ataris. The band's cover of the Don Henley's 1985 hit is a more or less faithful rendition of the original, changing little other than updating the line "I saw a Deadhead sticker on a Cadillac" to "a Black Flag sticker" to make it more relevant to the Ataris' audience.

The new version can be found the group's Columbia album "So Long, Astoria." The set is No. 100 on The Billboard 200 this week, and has sold 258,000 copies in the U.S., according to Nielsen SoundScan.

Henley's original peaked at No. 5 on the Hot 100. The cover is No. 9 on Billboard's Modern Rock Tracks chart.



Can you tell me how many copies the Rolling Stones' "No Security" and Mick Jagger's "Goddess in the Doorway" have sold to date? I know that they debuted respectively at No. 34 and No. 39 but fell off the charts quickly. Thanks for any info you can provide.


Hi Glenn,

Mick Jagger's "Goddess in the Doorway" has sold 315,000 copies in the U.S. according to Nielsen SoundScan. The Virgin set was released in November 2001. The Rolling Stones most recent live album, "No Security" (also released through Virgin), has sold 317,000 copies to date.

The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) bases its gold and platinum awards on the number of units shipped to retailers. A gold certification is awarded for U.S. shipments of 500,000 copies.

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